9-19-2006 Presentation

The following designs were presented by Brother Joseph Aspell and discussed at the Design Church Meetings on September 19, 2006 . Here you see proposals for the font design, glass, lamps, and stations of the cross.

As part of the presentation, Brother Joe noted the following preference items from earlier Parish Meetings:

  1. Main font water surface at ground level.
  2. Ellipses (oval) shape for overall structure.
  3. Raised oval surround wall surrounding the main font water pool with hinged gateway for entry and immersion.
  4. Water running in perimeter trough on the top side of the oval surround wall.
  5. Graphics depicting various bible event scenes on surround wall outer surface for learning and teaching opportunities.
  6. Integral small font (infant baptism) with flowing water elevated from main surround wall.

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