Church Renderings

These computer generated renderings depict the latest interior and exterior architecture. They were presented to the Design Committee by Steinberg Architects. Click on a photo as your starting point and to see a larger view. To see presentations from other meetings, please click here.

Narthex - toward main church worship space

Narthex - toward front door



Sanctuary - toward altar - baptism font at lower left (rear of the church)

Toward altar looking from above on left side - choir is at lower left

Choir at left - Ambo at right - Baptism font at bottom (rear of the church)

Rear Exterior looking toward windows beside altar

Sanctuary - altar & ambo in front - looking toward rear of church

Sanctuary - looking from right side toward altar

Circulation area outside of Sanctuary

Outside looking toward main entry - circulation space at right

Exterior Main Entry

Exterior with landscaping (concept only)

Exterior side looking from plaza outside of church hall


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