Finance Committee

Finance Committee Report for 2020:

Please click here for a detailed report for Year 2020.

Please click here to learn more about Electronic Giving (EFT) to help reduce our deficit.

Our Mission: To ensure the integrity of the parish's financial records, and to enable the long term success of the parish and our ministries by effectively controlling expenses and growing our financial resources.

Committee Membership
  • Father Anthony Huong Le
  • Father Mark Ruiz
  • Bill Eagan
  • Gina Mehta
  • Cris Raimundo
  • Debbie Rossetto
  • Hung Tran
The Finance Committee meets 4 times a year in person, with other meetings or phone conferences taking place as necessary based on ongoing initiatives.

The original document is available at http://saintjosephmsj.org/tiki-index.php?page=Finance%20Committee

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